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building control

The Kanepi wireless mesh network is fully integrated with your systems, giving you a variety of options to reduce energy usage, improve sustainability and provide complete building control.

web-based interface

  • Provides total building control everywhere lighting systems reach… even outdoors
  • Secure, remote management via the web-based dashboard
  • Monitor, control and manage building systems and assets from virtually anywhere

self-healing mesh network

  • 7.5 times larger than any competitor to provide unprecedented control, speed and reliability
  • Provides non-stop control through multiple pathways
  • Each node can communicate with any other node on the network. If one node drops out of the network for any reason, the node is identified and its neighbors instantly find another path

scalable system

  • Each node is scalable and forward-thinking
  • Grow and increase control when and where you need it
  • Immediately implement changes as new needs arise or new applications are introduced

simplified reconfiguration and retenanting

  • Reduces downtime, the number one source of lost income among build-to-suit companies
  • Reduces costs associated with moves, adds and changes by as much as 85 percent
  • Point-and-click to rezone. No new wiring, no new circuits to the j-box are needed

eliminate or reduce technology upgrade costs

  • Utilizes open systems protocol based on the ZigBee® standard – 802.15.4 – to support growth and change
  • Add capabilities as needed – forward thinking and scalable.