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simple & efficient

Only a few Kanepi components put energy savings and building control at your fingertips. Kanepi is truly wireless, so moves, add-ons and changes within the building can be done faster, easier and more cost-effectively than ever before.

reduced installation costs

up to 80 percent cost savings for new environments

  • Kanepi allows more fixtures per circuit in a new building or a rehab, eliminating the need for dedicated circuits, which reduces wiring installation and panel equipment costs up to 80 percent

expandable and scalable

  • Add nodes to expand the mesh network, indoors or out. No new wiring is required, which eliminates panel capacity and growth issues
  • A fully scalable network. You add capabilities and controls as you need them

secure, web-based interface

  • Schedule, monitor and control one or more facilities from anywhere, anytime through the web-based dashboard
  • Secured through network keys and 128-bit encryption to help protect against unauthorized access to data and control systems
  • Off-site hosting eliminates need for Information Technology involvement

potential tax savings

  • Kanepi meets government efficiency requirements for improvements to energy systems, which may qualify for a tax deduction of as much as 60 cents per square foot
  • For municipal buildings, the tax benefits are passed through to the primary designers/architects to encourage innovative design