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Manufacturing is about the details; the numbers, how efficient are your systems? Kanepi is a guaranteed means of reducing the necessary costs of operation.

By grouping building assets together in a manufacturing space, the electrical draw from machinery, lighting, and other devices can be categorized and scheduled to correspond with specific area production cycles. This creates a logically customized protocol that ensures energy is only used exactly when, where and to what degree is needed, automatically. Building automation is extended further through occupancy and daylight sensors to create reactive events that continue to optimize energy use. This has been proven to reduce area use by an average of 53% and can be specifically evaluated through detailed energy reporting.

Kanepi is a system that communicates wirelessly. Therefore, when production areas change, for instance when your facility grows, Kanepi nodes can be added and schedules/groups can be changed easily at any time from your desk with no stoppage or downtime of production.

Additionally, Kanepi alerts you when a lamp, ballast or driver fault is detected. This automates preventative maintenance and minimizes labor intensive surveying or calculated guessing that would add to your expenses and take focus away from production.

Plus, Kanepi integrates easily with ERP and other systems currently in place so your processes are streamlined and implementation is simple.

Kanepi allows manufacturing facilities to remain focused on producing at their highest capabilities while cutting costs in energy consumption, installation, maintenance and labor. This creates an advantage against competition by reducing expenses and granting an opportunity to reallocate resources to other assets.