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We think of logistics as organized chaos. When everything around you moves at a fast pace, efficient automation is key. Distribution Centers will benefit greatly from Kanepi’s ease of automation.

Kanepi’s versatility is in its essence, simple methodology that enables complete customization. Once a custom protocol is implemented, intelligent sensors do the rest. But it is safe to say Kanepi is not your average sensor automation.

With Kanepi, the reactive automation powered by sensors are real time adjustments to a completely custom protocol that already has facility devices operating exactly when, where and to which degree they are needed, automatically. These slight automatic adjustments, for instance to meet occupancy needs or dim lights when natural lighting is available, tack on an additional 18% energy savings to the custom protocol simply by just having the sensors in place.

As logistics contracts change, lighting requirements change. Kanepi makes it easy to be flexible. Since communication is wireless, group and schedule protocols can be adjusted easily to correspond with current contracts with no manual labor or rewiring costs. Moves, adds and changes can all be easily handled at your desk in the myKanepi user-interface.

Kanepi creates the power of flexibility for distribution centers, and the technology to be automatic, while cutting costs in the process. The pre-prescribed grouping and schedule protocol will form a structure for which reactive occupancy and daylight sensors can further tune and refine. This will continuously ensure devices are only operating when and where specifically needed. When logistics contracts change, users can make adjustments of the pre-prescribed protocol to correspond at any time with a click or two of their mouse. It’s that simple.