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convention & arena

Shows and events drive operation in convention centers or sports arenas; here, it is imperative to have the flexibility to customize experience and requirements quickly and easily. 

Whether setting up for a show where only low light levels are required in a small section of an exhibit space, or during a basketball game where a bright and lively atmosphere is needed to enhance the experience of the players and spectators. The simple myKanepi user-interface allows for protocol changes to be made on the fly with a point and click of the mouse, from anywhere at any time.

We like to think of Kanepi as a living breathing ecosystem that immediately responds to changes and transitions itself seamlessly through RF communication. The nodes create a wireless network where each is aware of itself and its surrounding transmitters (nodes, gateway, web-interface). Therefore, when a user changes the protocol within myKanepi, a transmission is sent out to every node and the adaptation is made automatically, a merely effortless process for the user.