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With no need to walk the floor to locate and shut off breakers or survey your light fixtures, the possibility of operating your warehouse from your desk is real with Kanepi. Your computer will let you know where your lighting is on, to what extent it is consuming energy, and if there are any failures.

Kanepi makes warehousing life easier and tremendously more energy-efficient. If warehouse lighting and other devices like HVAC are constantly running on full throughout business hours, or are operated solely on turning on and off breakers, your facility has an exceptional opportunity to become more efficient and reduce operating costs.

Most often, warehouses require little needed lighting. Palettes of product don’t need to see. But when it’s time for them to move, it is imperative your forklift drivers can see what they are doing when the time comes. With the ability to schedule lights off or low for times when areas are inactive, and  lights on high or even medium when palettes are being moved and activity is high, your facility is poised for drastic reduction in energy expenses and increases in operation efficiency.

To take a step further, for scenarios when an area is scheduled for limited lighting and minimal energy consumption, occupancy sensors can automatically trigger reactive changes to increase light levels for fork lift drivers and the like. This will provide adequate lighting for the task currently at hand and then can automatically readjust to the original schedule.

This can also be accomplished with the Kanepi gateway, also known as the control panel, which can be pre-loaded with manual events. These are pre-determined changes to the original schedule that can be turned on and off. This gives you the ability to make real-time adjustments on the floor with a touch of the control panel screen.

Since Kanepi is a system that requires no wiring and is based on radio-frequency communication, warehouse lighting requirements and energy demand can be handled from a computer without the need to rewire circuits or even leave your office.