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Kanepi Innovations™ announces Enhanced Wireless Energy Control System

Kanepi Innovations'™ wireless mesh infrastructure garnering momentum within the building controls segment focusing on large spaces

How Wireless Infrastructure is Changing the Wiring Topography of Today's Buildings

Coalition for the Green Bank Claims Green Bank/Clean Energy Deployment Administration Will Offset Energy Cost Increases, Job Losses, Contradicting ACCF-NAM Commissioned Study

Clean Energy Bank Could Generate 2 Million Jobs and Drive $2 Billion In Investment

Green Bank/Clean Energy Deployment Administration Can Protect Consumers From Any Electricity Price Increases

Kanepi highlighted in Knoll's environmental annual report

Coalition for the Green Bank Congratulates House Members for Passage of American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

Twist HDM sells parking-garage lights that shine on demand   *TwistHDM is a licensee of Kanepi's wireless technology designed for use in parking garages.

Clean Energy Deployment Administration Amendment to House Climate and Energy Bill is Significant Milestone in the Future of Green Energy Sector According to Coalition for Green Bank

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announce significant progress that will help expedite development of a nationwide "smart" electric power grid

EMerge Alliance Launched to Create a New Standard for Power Distribution and Device Control in Commercial Buildings

Energy Savings News

EIA Energy Efficiency

Save Energy in Manufacturing with Smart Technology (PDF)

Kanepi highlighted in Knoll's 2009 environmental annual report