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Kanepi Components

Three Kanepi Components:

1. MyKanepi User Interface - The simple and easy to use web-based user display where it all comes together. This can be accessed from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even your phone.

2. Control Panel/Gateway with Touchscreen - This is the centralized hub of communication that brings all node attached devices into the network. This is also the device that communicates out to the proprietary Kanepi server. On the front of the Control Panel/Gateway is a touchscreen to provide quick and easy override decisions in the plant. Each Control Panel/Gateway can communicate to up to 2000 nodes.

3. Nodes - These devices are attached to each light fixture, machine, fan, or any other electrical device. Kanepi nodes create a completely wireless mesh network based on radio frequency. Each node is aware of itself and its surroundings. Unlike other wireless control systems, Kanepi requires absolutely no wired in repeater hardware. Kanepi nodes communicate to one another wirelessly and act as their own repeaters. If for any reason a node drops out of the system, the surrounding nodes will re-route the communication.