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States Logistics Services Incorporated

Grouping and event strategies achieve 15% more savings than estimated. 

Tolleson, Arizona

States Logistics Services Incorporated is a fully integrated provider of third party logistics services that has been servicing its customers for over 50 years. States Logistics began in 1958 by Richard and Jewel May as a warehousing and trucking company. They operate over 2 million square feet of warehouse space in Arizona and California.  They have a combination of public and contract warehouses that service a wide range of industries and provide an array of added value services.  Their warehouses are in a constant state of flux.  In the time frame it took to add Kanepi Wireless Controls to their existing lighting system the warehouse went from 65% to 90% occupancy and States Logistics added a packaging line.  States Logistics has been practicing environmental sustainable practices since the early 1990’s with a comprehensive recycling program.  “There’s been a push to get a culture change when it comes to sustainability.” says Kirk Hellofs.  Their new Arizona warehouse obtained LEED Silver status.  The 417,000 square foot facility has a Solar Array, incorporates ambient light through skylights and the lighting system utilized T-5 6 lamp fluorescent lighting fixtures coupled with WattStopper HB-350 occupancy sensors.


The customer was not taking advantage of the electrical savings of having the light fixtures off during daylight hours.  The customer also has vast areas of the warehouse that are not utilized at night but were being lit for long periods of time after initial occupancy sensor activation.  The wired timer controls were not working properly and took time to physically change and adjust.  The customers lighting plan was not adaptive to the ever changing warehouse configuration. 

States also wanted to drive down their operating expenses and realized that the lighting controls that were being utilized were cumbersome to adjust and were not flexible enough for their operations.

The existing lighting fixtures were Columbia brand and had low voltage control wiring for the HB350 Occupancy sensors.


Installed Kanepi Wireless System.  The system consisted of:  730 nodes, 2 gateways, approximately 102 occupancy sensors.  There were a number of occupancy sensors due to the amount of pallet rack aisle entry points.  We were able to incorporate 2 daylight harvest sensors to control the whole facility.  One sensor per gateway. 


Through continuous work with Kirk Hellofs and his dedicated team of Managers we were able to use grouping and event strategies achieve 15% more savings then estimated.  During day light hours States is only using 10% of their lighting fixtures.  Overall the customer feels that they have better control and utilization of their system.  They are able to have zonal control and utilize ambient light.  One of the other things that States is able to do is keep the lights on Medium as opposed to all on or all off.