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San Diego Convention Center

The installation of the Kanepi System and 1183 energy efficient fluorescent fixtures enabled the SDCC to reduce exhibit hall lighting energy consumption by approximately 44%. The new lighting has reduced our mercury inventory by 91%, extended lamp life, has low lumen depreciation, instant start-up and re-strike, as well as improved color rendering on the show floor. SDCC can now wirelessly access, monitor, control and manage the lighting system via computer. The light levels can be adjusted in each fixture to low, medium, high or completely off throughout the exhibit halls. The fixtures operate much cooler, reducing the cooling needs and background noise in exhibit halls.

The Kanepi system was commissioned just in time for the 2010 Auto show.The system identified and offered a solution to the rising energy costs and reduced the carbon footprint through energy reduction. The energy savings during the Auto Show alone were 141,723 (Kwh). The estimated yearly energy savings is 1,299,041(Kwh). The estimated yearly energy saving dollars is $210,939.

Configuring lighting queues became much easier with no down time. The wireless controls can track burn hours and report any node, light group or communication failure. This system has truly established SDCC as a leader in the industry.